About Bri

Bri, CEO and Owner of Hunnydipped Intimates LLC

Meet Bri. She is a millennial, mom and wife, as well as a serial entrepreneur with a passion for e-commerce, especially lingerie and intimates sales.  

A conversation is what sparked the idea of what is now Hunnydipped Intimates. After conversing with her husband about the frustration of ill-fitting lingerie, Bri decided to do something about it. 

Her love for unique lingerie as well as a passion for e-commerce sparked her to start researching the lingerie industry and finding a way to complement the already booming industry.

She began gathering beautiful and unique pieces that were also comfortable and fit well. She was especially concerned with finding pieces for top-heavy women since initially, that was her biggest complaint about lingerie. 

She developed a keen eye for beautiful pieces after being inspired by labels such as Savage X Fenty and Love, Vera. As she continues to develop and grow her knowledge of the industry, she plans to expand to even larger sizes and more unique pieces for her Hunny Bees. 

Hunnydipped Intimates is about finding the beauty in you. Being confident and letting your inner light shine. We focus on body positivity, and being inclusive of all  people with a passion for lingerie. When you receive a package from Hunnydipped Intimates, know that it was chosen and packaged with the utmost love and care, and we hope you love it as much as we do. 


Hunnydipped Intimates